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Getting here/Directions

Message for a drop in time BEFORE you come over, we are not open by chance or check our Facebook page for real time hours of operation. We take cash and Paypal for online/email orders.

FEATURED ITEM: Lapis Lazuli Stone, folklore in video below. I have various sizes of Blue Lapis Lazuli in stock, various prices.



The fundraising gift shop carries a huge variety of items for wellness and spiritual balance. This helps with operating costs of our many services. This also helps fund the Community Outreach Program for lower income individuals and families. In store, online or email order. If you drive by and the sign says open, come on in for a look around, make prior arrangements to visit to make sure we are open (by appointment or advertised) or check our Facebook page for real time hours of operation. We take cash and Paypal for online/email orders.


Acadian, Angels, Animals, Aromatherapy, Bali Crafts, Barn Stars, Books, Buddhism, Candles, CDs, Celtic, Chakras, Crystals, Dogs, Dragons, Fairies, Feng Shui, Herbals, Horses, Gardening, Goddess, Incense, Jewellery, Mandalas, Meditation, Mermaids, Métis, Nature, New Age, Outdoors, Prim Crafts, Reiki, Saints, Smudge, Taoist, Tea, T-Shirts, Vikings, Wellness, Wolves, Yoga.


WHAT'S NEW:   Online Catalogue: *Herbal Teas/Health   *Incense/Smudge    *Crystals

We sell mail order too: Just email us your inquiries/order, you can either pay us through Paypal and have it shipped via Expedited Canada Post or cash if you come pick it up. We have many items IN STORE that are not available through mail order. Come in and browse!


Do you have a gift shop, corner store, or venue and would like to help sell our sign decor? We will link to your store via our website & Facebook. These sales help keep our program running. The horses need food, medications, tons of hay, vet care and many more things to live healthy, happy lives.


CARNIVAL STYLE FUNDRAISING: is ongoing in the gift shop. All profits go to fund the Community Outreach Program for low income families/individuals and the multi sensory, stimulation service. The Pick a Stick Pull has some really cool prizes, EVERY one is a WINNER!




     Synergy comes from the Greek word synergia, meaning joint work and cooperative action among two or more forces that creates an enhanced combined effect.