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Gypsy Heart Emporium

Getting Here

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Labyrinth & Meditation

Outreach Program

Synergy comes from the Greek word synergia, meaning joint work and cooperative action among two or more forces that creates an enhanced combined effect.

Meditation * Education * Recreation

Our Wellness Center offers a broad variety of services, ranging from cognitive growth to mental health and wellness support.

  • Equine (horse) Assisted Services

  • Stress/Chronic Pain Relief/Support

  • Mental Health & Wellness Support

  • Outdoor Meditation Labyrinth

  • Zen Gardens & Riverside Retreat

  • Holistic & New Age Gift Shop

  • Clinical Aromatherapy

  • Special Needs( Autism/Cognitively Challenged) Activities & Support

  • Respite & Home Support Services

  • Literacy/Tutoring Services

New in 2017: Private, small group rentals. Get the outdoor and indoor spaces all to yourselves, days or evenings. 4-5 hour blocks (limited openings). Private group of 3-8 people: $10 per person. Fire pit available if no ban in effect. Hold a drumming Circle, have a group labyrinth walk, meditate collectively, hold an indoor, holistic workshop or have a Reiki/Essential Oil/Tarot night etc... SEAWC is a lovely, secluded setting that facilitates peace and grounding. The gift shop will be open and hot teas available for you and your group.

Services including but not limited to; mini equine wellness & learning sessions, multi sensory stimulation & relaxation equipment, indoor meditation room, gardens including; outdoor meditation labyrinth, outdoor meditation areas and riverside reflection areas. We also have clinical aromatherapy, tutoring/adult literacy services, pain self-management workshops, recreational activities and a fundraising gift shop featuring a variety of teas, incense, giftware and other holistic items.

Hours of Operation: Scheduling is made around private appointments so see our Facebook page for the most up to date information on when meditation areas and fundraising gift shop are open, times change weekly.




Synergy Equine Assisted Wellness Center blends calming, equine interactions with holistic, therapeutic techniques to facilitate wellness and personal growth. We promote a balanced and healthier lifestyle by nurturing cognitive, emotional and physical health holistically. We focus on recreation, education, and meditation to achieve goals through practice. Synergy is bilingual.

Ask your doctor, occupational, physio or psycho therapist which movements or activities would best benefit you or your dependant.


Our OUTREACH PROGRAM allows us to offer many services below the current norm and offer many FREE for low income individuals.

Mandate Statement

It is our mission to provide recreational, educational and wellness services to individuals with very low incomes. Allowing these individuals, their families and our community as a whole to benefit from their improved emotional, mental and physical health and well being.

Gifts/ donations may be made via Paypal at:


The center does not bill insurance companies directly. Contact yours to see if any of our many services are covered. You might also be able to claim a percentage on your income tax as well under medical,   recreation or childcare expenses depending on which service you paid for. We are recognised by the Healthy Living Tax Incentive of Nova Scotia.                                                   


Sorry, NO canines, and please, leaving them in your cold/ hot car is not good for them. Be advised smoking and cell phone use are only permitted in the 1 smoking/cell area.